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Origin: Italian


Quality of being lively or exuberant and vigorous. It's another word for "force of life", vivacity of style or performance.

Women shoes. Made in Italy

Italy boasts a glorious tradition of shoe-making, encompassing the passion and exuberance of the Italian genius into shoes that are a true masterpiece.

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Enjoy the distinctive selection of our women designer shoes, handcrafted in Italy and perfect to add brio to your style.

What matters to us

Italian Shoes-shopping

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Authentic Italian brands, beyond the usual big names and imposed trends, showcased to offer you a virtual shoe-shopping trip to the best place in the world for shoes: Italy!

From Italy to you

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Select shoes handcrafted by family-owned manufacturers, following the best practices of the Italian shoe-making, brought to you online only, cutting down the overheads of traditional retail. 

It's not just about the shoes

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Sustainable quality, tradition and fair production practices are all fostered by shoppers' choices. Fashion is no exception and women conscious shopping can make the difference.