Giorgio Fabiani - Region of Marche - Italy

Showroom of the women designer shoes Giorgio Fabiani - Italy

"Elegance, high quality and hand-made" are the keywords selected by Giorgio Fabiani to describe the brand, specialized in women luxury shoes and accessories, designed and entirely made in Italy, with love.

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Pantanetti Shoes - Region of Marche - Italy

Women designer shoes by Pantanetti made in Italy

"Genuine people who love their work. Our strength is in the mind, our art into the hands, knowledge and tradition are our main resources".

Pantanetti's credo is the foundation of the distinctive design of their top notch handmade shoes. 

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Fauzian Jeunesse - Region of Marche - Italy

Fauzian Jeunesse Italian women designer shoes

Fauzian Jeunesse started in 1970 from the hard work and firm ambition of an apprentice shoemaker, who has established his brand on high quality materials and a handmade manufacturing process, uncompromisingly made in Italy.

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