Quality Handmade Shoes: Know the Makers.

Giorgio Fabiani - Region of Marche - Italy

Fabiani shoes showroom - Italy

"Elegance, high quality and hand-made" are the keywords picked by Giorgio Fabiani to describe the brand, that specializes in women luxury leather  footwear and accessories entirely made in Italy.

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Pantanetti Shoes - Region of Marche - Italy

Pantanetti shoes made in Italy

"Genuine people who love their work. Our strength is in the mind, our  art into the hands, knowledge and tradition are our main resources".

This is Pantanetti credo. Try their prime quality handmade shoes and you will know they really mean it.

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Fauzian Jeunesse - Region of Marche - Italy

Fauzian Jeunesse Italian shoes

Fauzian Jeunesse started in 1970 as the hard work and firm ambition of an apprentice shoemaker, who is today adamant about the direction of his brand, based on high  quality materials and a handmade manufacturing process,  uncompromisingly made in Italy.

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D-Madera - Region of Veneto - Italy

D-Madera handbags made in Italy

A unique design bag, minimalist and classy, is the basis of the brand D-MadeRa.  Exclusively made by hand using precious hardwood, it's a real piece of artwork that can not go unnoticed.

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