A Guide to Classic Leather Types

The use of leather goes back to the Paleolithic era when humanity was using animal hides for clothing as well as shelters. Since then, time has only made us better at making different types of products like hats, jackets, and Italian designer shoes for instance. The unique texture, feel, durability, and opulent look of real leather is unmatched. This is why you will see the extensive
use of Italian leather in any Italian shoe shop. In addition to shoes, leather is also used for making handbags, belts and other accessories for both women and men.

Some unique features of leather that have made it stand the test of time is its resistance, toughness, abundance and versatility. Over time, we have not only expanded the use of leather, but we have also found various quality sources of leather as well.

Leather can be classified on various bases, but one of the most important bases of classification used for categorizing leather is its source. In this blog post, we will look at different types of leather based on animal, selection and finishing as some of them are even used in Italian designer shoes.

Pigskin Leather

Pigskin leather is one of the most popular types of leather that is used for making different types of merchandise. You should know that all the merchandise used from pigskin is very durable, which is one of the primary reasons behind its popularity. Although there are various uses of
pigskin leather, in most countries, it is used for making jackets and footballs. Pigskin is indeed more challenging than cowskin, but when it comes to quality, both pigskin and cowskin are durable and somewhat similar in weight and dexterity.

The surface of pigskin isn’t as smooth in comparison to cow skin. However, this type of leather is considered ideal for making different types of coats. Most people who buy coats made from pigskin are not able to differentiate it from other types of leather.

Keep in mind, since pigskin is much tougher than cow skin, it can last longer making shoes sold by a genuine Italian shoe shop more favorable than other shoe shops out there. If you’re not familiar with the differences in pigskin and cowskin, don’t feel discouraged to find the right item. Instead, speak with a leather expert and let them know your requirements so that they can helpyou find exactly what you’re looking for.


Bullhide is one unique type of leather that is available in the market. The bullhide has a harsh surface, and is extremely vigorous as well. Since bullhide has comparable features to cowskin, it can be used for making similar products that are also made from cowskin. Nevertheless, Bullhide is more popular so you will find a lot of jackets and shoes made in Italy online.

In addition to this, bullhide has sturdiness as well, and this simply means that when you buy bullhide shoes made in Italy, you will be purchasing something that’s very dependable. Bullhide is frequently used to make products that can be easily damaged; this is the reason why bullhide is considered one of the toughest leathers available in the market. 

Keep in mind, since bulls have a higher level of testosterone, their skin is very thick. And this is why all the materials that require thick leather surfaces are dependent on bullhide.


When it comes down to strength, ruggedness and durability, no other leather type surpasses cowskin. Cowskin is actually one of the most valued types of leather available in the market. In the modern era, cowskin is used for making belts, wallets, shoes, jackets (especially motorcycle jackets), and much more. 

In the case of cowskin, both fashion and function go hand in hand, and it is more famous among men than women; there is no solid reason behind the popularity amongst a selective gender as it is just a matter of personal preference.

In addition to being warmer, many other features of cowskin make it the best type of leather. Even the range of cowskin is extensive - there are cowskins that are used in their natural state, color and then there are cowskins that go through an artificial process to make it look like other skins.

Among all other leather types, the cowskin is considered the heaviest, but still, it breaks ineffectively. In addition to this, cowskin can come out from various breeds of cow, and the quality mainly depends on the type of breed used.


Calfskin is known for its softness and supple texture, and that’s why it has a unique identity in the market. Because of its exceptional quality and texture, the calfskin has been pushed to the opulent quality of leathers, and it is very costly as well. Most of the excellent quality calfskin is considered ideal for high-quality jackets, shoes, and different types of apparel. Because of the thinness and flexibility offered by calfskin, it is the first choice among leather lovers when it comes down to quality, softness, and feel.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, calfskin is also known for its protective property, especially when you consider its thinness. So, if you are living in a freezing climates, then preferring calfskin over all other options would be a much better choice.

There are indeed many different types of leathers used today, but purchasing the right leather comes down to your needs and budget. Even cheap leather can look opulent because there have been advancements introduced to the world of leather processing. But if you’re looking for real leather, make sure that you shop from reputed sellers like Brio and Co. for quality and durability.