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About Brio & Co.

Away from massive distribution and imposed trends, the purpose of Brio & Co. is to offer a selection of authentic Italian shoes, sourced directly from the makers, family-owned businesses in Italy that take pride in the glorious tradition of handcrafting footwear to the highest standards.

The celebrated Italian style and exuberance are showcased in every pair of shoes, reflecting a peculiar way of living that pursues enjoyment in big and small achievements alike, inspired by a genuine passion for life and the simple things that make life a great journey.


About the founder

I’m no fashionista and yet friends, co-workers and perfect strangers would often ask me about my shoes and where I get them from. Well, from Italy, of course.

Francesca Lombardo here. Born in the USA, I grew up in Italy and have been living in Texas since 2010. As I regularly travel to Italy, I always visit at least a few small shoe shops where I enjoy the variety of styles and brands featured, as well as the advice on an attentive staff, often being the very same shop owner and their family members. As part of the shoe-shopping experience, the customer invariably learns about the brand, the shoemaker and the birthplace of the shoes. A sense of connection arises and the simple action of shopping becomes more personable, a real encounter between real people.

I figured I would find a way to bring here to the US a shoe-shopping experience that would somewhat resemble what I typically enjoy in Italy. So I took a drive to some of the most renowned areas for footwear production in Italy, visited some of the shoemakers in their workshops, learned about their story and sourced their products, now showcased here on Brio & Co. website.


Our beliefs:

  • Great shoes don’t need a big name.

We work directly with small, high-quality shoemakers, bringing you style and excellent craftsmanship without the cost of a chain of intermediaries and endless overheads.

  • Quality, not quantity.

We only carry limited quantity of select styles, as you would find in a typical Italian shoe shop. We keep an eye on seasons and trends, however we are convinced that style is a very personal matter and cannot be reduced to wearing what everybody else is wearing.

  • Conscious shopping is empowering.

We acknowledge the real people, the story and passion behind every pair of shoes. High quality standards, timeless traditions and fair labor practices are all fostered by shoppers' choices. Fashion is certainly no exception, and conscientious choice of a product’s origin can make the difference.


Know the makers. Love the shoes.

Shoes have a story that starts with the story of the maker and blends into the story of the end user. Shoe-shopping, just like any shopping, translates into promoting certain stories over others and supporting the associated values within our daily life and style.

Read about the Shoemakers here.

Shoe-shopping is not just about the shoes. It's about people, stories, passion... and, of course, shoes!

Welcome to Brio & Co.