Dress Your Best This Fall With Italian Footwear

Style, comfort, fashion, elegance and the changing seasons go hand in hand. While summers are best spent with “colors” and “florals”, winter showcases much more as it comes with multiple layers, patterns, fabrics and fashion statements. 

The perfect handbag, the best-looking coat, the most attractive boots and all else define winter styles. And the moment we talk about fashion and dressing your best, Italian style and trends are the ones to look for. 

Call it dwelling into their culture or deriving from it, Italian style has always been a trademark in the fashion world. Depending on what you are looking for in an outfit, your fashion choices may vary. In any scenario, if you’ve been waiting to find... 

“That glimmering pair of Italian leather heels?

“The best footwear for your dinner outfit?”

Or just...

“An outfit of the day” 

you’ve found just the right place! 

Scroll down further to find the trend-setting outfits for this fall and winter! 

What makes Italian fashion and shoes so popular?

Italian fashion comes with ages of craftsmanship, precision, perspectives and labor. Since the earliest times, Italy has influenced the world with a vision and mission for fashion. From Milan to Paris to many other places worldwide, the Italian trend has set sail everywhere. “Heritage”, “Aesthetics”,” Costs” and “Fashion obsession” are some terms often linked to the evolution of Italian fashion globally.

While the fall sees a shift from lighter to heavier clothing, the craze for shoes is increasing. Yes, shoes! Winter is that time of the year when shoes know no limits. A shiny pair of boots, the flashing set of heels or just casual sneakers – this season sets the right mood for everything. 

Just as it goes for fashionable outfits, Italian leather and shoes can also be traced to a rich history. The quality that is put into every piece never goes out of style. The process of manufacturing uses natural and organic techniques which just add to its popularity. Italian leather boots are known for their durability and an appearance that never fails to stun you! Similarly, purses and other Italian leather accessories are the milestones of top-notch quality and style. 

Now, that we know where the fashion trends come from, it’s time to dive deeper into the fashion world

Let’s find out what to wear in the winter and fall edition!

What are the best outfit ideas for the season?

With so many options at hand, you might want some advice on ideas to dress your best. It’s not only the clothes you wear but the footwear and accessories you pair up as well! 

Here’s what looks the most stylish on both men and women:

  • What colors should you pick?

Colors have broken the barriers and stereotypes in fashion. But to suit the season, some colors are still more preferred than others. In summers, for instance, lighter shades are more delightful. But the scenario changes as winter arrives. People tend to switch to neutral colors like gray, black and brown. These not only serve the scientific purpose of attracting more warmth but also contrast the outside weather.

The result— your attire stands out in the crowd! It is often seen that neutral colors are more popular as a background to compliment multi-colored elements. 

  • What’s in demand – jeans or trousers?

The battle between jeans and trousers is solved by the occasion. While jeans are considered more casual and informal, formal trousers suit many events. Viewing from the Italian fashion perspective, jeans are more prominent in women. It’s not only limited to informal wear but is usually matched with formal shoes and Italian leather boots. 

Talking about trousers, they have made a mark in the casual arena too! Colored pants are becoming a loved trend irrespective of the gender and flooding the streets with their appeal.

  • Don’t forget your hoodie, coat or jacket!

While this decision depends upon the temperature, you can still have a favorite! Be it a trench coat or a light jacket on slightly warmer days to an overcoat or pullover – these are pieces that never go out of fashion. Hoodies have gained much dominance among the youth but equally pleasing are trench coats and jackets. 

Puffy jackets have made it to the top of the charts. Rising popularity is seen for down jackets lined by fur hoods – which are very much the season trendsetter!                       

  • Match accessories with your outfit. 

Accessories add a different shade to your attire. It can be anything from a handbag, a shoulder bag or fanny pack. These options can be made to fit the season, the occasion and your look. 

Along with overcoats and jackets, winters are the season for gloves, ear muffs, scarves and caps. Select from a range of prints and stripes and coordinate your colors and borders right! 

Also, do not hesitate to put on your favorite jewelry with your winter wear. And a must wear is a pair of sunglasses. So grab your shades, match those colors and rule the fashion world with your outfit!

  • Shoes are what add the silver lining! 

Shoes come in various forms – sky-high heels to flats and casual footwear. Matching the right pair with your outfit is a real challenge. But when in doubt, choose boots! Boots serve all occasions and when worn over pants give you the perfect look. Italian leather heels are also popular and come in all sizes. 

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