How to Level up Your Fashion Game for Fall?

While we all love summer, the list of fall things that are worth loving makes for a long list. The cold breeze and pumpkin spice lattes’ have an elegant charm of their own. Fall brings with it an entirely new wardrobe and also a lot of opportunities to layer it up!

From those oversized blazers to those knitted cardigans to those cozy hoodies, boots, and the urge to buy handmade leather shoes — all of this has a different essence to it. Fall is the time of making stellar new changes to our collection of clothes and level up the style game. And since we have all emerged into the various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown, now is the time to chic it up with those fall ensembles. Be it a zoom call or a masked weekend wandering, there is always something cozy and cool in a wardrobe styled for fall.

The end of summer always brings nostalgia but with these items of clothing, you will never feel out of fashion! Just soak up those final days of summer shine and get ready to bring it on in fall like it’s a new beginning. Here are some of the best trends for fall to level up that fashion game of yours:

  1.   Pleats, Please!

Keep all your dresses aside and opt for that maximalist appeal with the classic skirts and dresses. There is never anything better than pairing that oversized pleated dress with knee-high boots. Wear them up or wear them down, this combination never disappoints. Opt for embossed boots for that extra factor!

  1.   Knee-High Boots

A must-have wardrobe staple for every woman out there, knee-high boots go with almost everything! A special addition to your autumn wardrobe, wearing these will instantly up your shoe game. Opt for a comfortable heel length that you can handle even if you have to walk for long distances. And choose a neutral color so it goes with almost all your clothes! Shopping for shoes made in Italy online is quite possibly the greatest way to find the best deals on boots of every size, shape, and color. And of course, for every stunning outfit!

  1.   A Suit, Suits Everything

That power suit has a charm of its own. A person in a well-fitted suit just owns the room as soon as they enter it. And one can just never go wrong with a well-tailored suit; be it a normal color, or a mix and match combination with your favorite blazer or even with a T-shirt, it will always look classy and never goes out of trend. So, find those made in Italy shoes online and a scarf to style with them any pantsuit to advance your fall clothing game like never before.

  1.   Black Flared Trousers

One can never have too many black trousers and that flair just adds to the style. Going for one with subtle detailing will add to its charm and make it an all-time wear. They never go out of style and you can wear them in a lot of different ways which is an added advantage, wear it with anything and you will always be good to go. If you decide to buy handmade leather shoes for extra styling, nothing could beat you to get ready to conquer the world.

You can also add other accessories with the outfit such as a chain or even a brooch to add a little sparkle to go with the subtle aspect!

  1.   Cream on Cream

For that casual day of yours when you plan to take a stroll around the city, and you need something neutral and comfortable to wear, cream over cream is just perfect. This color just screams beauty and even has a social media hashtag of its own. Coordinating your bottoms and tops with your recent purchase of shoes made in Italy online always creates a very aesthetic look for your weekend outings.

  1.   A Cashmere Turtleneck

There is nothing like an oversized sweater to keep you warm and fuzzy! Especially when it is made of cashmere. Buying a neutral color cashmere oversized sweater means it will go with anything. Buy one along with a pair of made in Italy shoes online. Style it with any piece of clothing and it will always look amazing. It perfectly matches everything and wearing it with those flared trousers, a fedora and a scarf will make people go gaga over this look.

  1.   Oversized Denim Jacket

Last but not the least, one of your fall wardrobe essentials is a denim jacket. And an oversized one indeed. It is that time of the year when this baggy but structured jacket will be worn by almost everyone. This look becomes everyone’s instant pick as an essential to add to their fall wardrobe since it looks chic, keeps you comfy, and goes with literally everything. This oversized yet structural jacket is also the perfect clothing option for your socially distanced plans! 


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We are currently reflecting on the fall fashion shows through virtual setups right now but that is no reason to wear boring clothes. Get some inspiration for clothes from these online shows and for shoes, check our selections from Brio and Co., and come up with the best combination for your fall fashion outfit looks!