What Makes Genuine Italian Leather Shoes Stand Apart?

“Italian leather is the best when compared to all other alternatives in the world; they are simply much more durable.”

Fine Italian craftsmanship has an excellent reputation all over the world. It is a brand in itself that has people’s trust imbued in it. For centuries, leather craftsmanship has been part of a traditional Italian household. The business has been part of Italian footwear admirers for generations in the country.

 One such proud family business has been the production of genuine Italian leather shoes, which have set the standard for premium in markets across continents. When it comes to Italian leather shoes by Brio & Co., we are proud to continue and encourage this grand tradition. Not only do we keep ourselves from all the mass-produced variants of leather, but we also support the family-owned businesses.

 Sourcing directly from the people who handcraft our selection, we make sure that our customers get the best of the lot. We know how the fashion industry works; however, we do not believe in falling in line with the trend. Our range of shoes is primarily aimed at making fashion sustainable and more inclusive.

 Benefits of Italian leather

Are you a customer who buys items like shoes solely based on the prices?

 In reality, price should be the last thing to consider when buying shoes. The focus should instead be on comfort and quality. When you choose any pair of shoes from our collection of Italian leather shoe for ladies, you would have chosen a pair of shoes which has numerous benefits, like the following:

●    Strength:

Finely crafted Italian leather shoes come with fantastic strength. They can be worn on any terrains and in all weather conditions, without a second thought. Regular wear and tear, bumps, and scratches do not even stand against the tough skin of an Italian leather shoe. The strength of the material would ensure that you are buying a product that should serve you for many years to come.

●    Flexibility:

At face value, it might seem like flexibility in Italian leather shoes for ladies would be compromised to favor strength, but the truth could not be further. With genuine Italian leather shoes, you get the best of both worlds, where on the one hand, the footwear would be extremely tough; on the other, it would be flexible as well. The flexibility aspect would make sure that you find your perfect fit and can walk in comfort.

●    Durable and Top-Class:

As previously reiterated, the shoes that we sell are made of the finest leather in Italy, combined with the traditional craftsmanship of the households, which is renowned all over. Going through this process, the footwear which is created is extremely top-of-the-line.

Italian leather is the best compared to all other alternates in the world; it is more durable and the strongest. The shoes are durable and made to last. And since they are made of leather, you can rest assure that they would never go out of style. Our shoes are timeless and classy, and will always keep you in style. As they say in the world of sports, the form is temporary, but class is permanent.

●    Value for Money:

Now, don’t be confused. We don’t mean that you can always findquality products at rates lower than the market, steal deals, or do anything like that. What we mean here is that the value for money that you would get with our Italian leather shoes for ladies is unmatched.

If you think about the time that a pair of shoes lasts, and the wear and tear that it takes, and compare that to its price, then you would instantly realize how a premium quality Italian leather shoe is the best choice. While a standard shoe might cost you less, its lifespan would be a cause fora huge disappointment. On the other hand, ladies’ shoes bought from Brio & Co.will last you for years to come.

●    Breathability:

Even though a shoe fits well if the material is not breathable, it gives rise to bad odor and sweat. A top-quality leather, like we use, would allow your feet to breathe, keeping your feet happy. Genuine leather shoes have higher breathability than other faux leathers. This is because it is an entirely natural material and made eco-friendly.

●    Maintenance:

We get it. Maintaining footwear is as essential as making the right decision to buy the right shoes in the first place. However, allow us to rid you of your worries. Italian leather is a material that requires minimum upkeep. All you need is a wet cloth and mild detergent, and you can simply wipe your shoes clean. Not to mention, in the first place, leather does not catch a lot of dirt. A regular cleaning every month is good enough to keep your shoes as good as new.

Things to remember

At this point, getting yourself a genuine leather shoe seems like a great prospect. However, we respect the conscious buyer and have outlined some simple things that you can keep in mind while shopping.

  • The best leather goods command higher than average prices as well. But, do not be fooled by faux leather goods with extravagant price tags. We work directly with designers and manufacturers and try to get the best prices for our customers. Check out our shop.
  • Take a good look at the quality of the shoe. Italian leather is naturally tanned and has a natural look and feel to it. The craftsmanship is so good that there are no problems with stitches or design even on with minute and detailed inspections. Take your time and when you are satisfied, go for the purchase.
  • Also, don’t be floored by the big brands and their extensive lines. Because many products of such companies are factory produced, they might not always be of the same quality. Since we directly work with the makers, our pieces are one of a kind. Our focus on quality is unwavering, and we seek to bring the best to our customers.


Italian craftsmanship has been revered for centuries. Similar is the reputation of Italian leather and the fine footwear that is made from it. Italian leather shoes are built to last and are a once in a lifetime-buy (for many). They are products that are superior to all others in terms of quality and command a price accordingly. 

However, they are a wise buyer’s choice. When you buy an Italian leather shoe, you are choosing to become a part of the elite group of fashion, which will always be timeless—a style and a statement that would define you and your choices. Shop with Brio & Co. today!