Our shoes are crafted in the Region of Marche, Central Italy.




 The excellence of footwear, leather goods and accessories in Italy has been developed and preserved along the years by a manufacturing system organized in clusters (called “distretti” in Italian) of specialized enterprises working in a product segment, covering all phases of the production and located in specific geographic areas and traditionally fostering cooperation and reciprocal support. The cohesion among these entities, all grown within local traditions and sharing common values, is a real strength for the Italian footwear industry.

Origin of the Italian shoe-making tradition may be rooted centuries back, to the craftsmen workshops where the expertise was exchanged among master artisans and apprentices. Such precious know-how has been preserved to these days within the Italian footwear clusters, where the modern manufacturers - often small family-owned businesses - continue to pass down the same passion and pride for a work well done from a generation to the next.

Most of the best semi-finished and finished products on the global footwear market are delivered by the manufacturers of the Italian clusters, under own brands as well as on behalf of major luxury designers.

Despite the challenges of the global economy and externalization to low labor cost countries, the Italian shoemakers proudly maintain their work in Italy, respectful of high standards and quality control along their entire production cycle. Their masterful hands continue to combine unparalleled quality and outstanding durability into each piece.

Find the story behind the shoes. Get to know the proud craftsmen dedicated to making shoes with passion and sense of purpose in Italy.




Giorgio Fabiani Italian shoes for women         Showroom Giorgio Fabiani Italian Shoes         
Driving through the lovely hills of the region of Marche (central Italy), my destination was the province of Fermo, heart of a famous Italian footwear cluster.

The company Giorgio Fabiani is located in a white, modern facility. The showroom is glowing white with a shining chandelier setting the center of a space of modern luxury. Accents of color twinkle from the shelves where the upcoming collection is showcased.

The story of the brand dates back to 1978, when Mr. Giorgio Fabiani, a young sportsman, took an interest in handmade production and started a leather-cutting workshop in his garage with his elder brother. He soon showed his talent as a designer and collected the first acknowledgments in Italy. The workshop was then expanded into a bigger, better equipped and commercially oriented organization although maintaining its character of a family-owned business, steadily led by Mr. Fabiani.

"Elegance, high quality and hand-made" are the keywords picked by the company to describe the brand that specializes in women luxury footwear and accessories entirely made in Italy. Fine leather is embellished by unique details encompassing the latest fashion into an always feminine and recognizable style.




    Pantanetti Italian Shoes         Pantanetti Italian Shoes tools


The footwear cluster of Fermo and Macerata, located in the region of Marche (central Italy), surrounded by gentle knolls studded by countless factories, is home to Pantanetti, a company established on the principles of the founding family that for over 35 years has been producing footwear of excellent craftsmanship, inspired by definite character and unsophisticated elegance. The production cycle, from sourcing of materials and components to the final products, takes place completely within the cluster.

During my visit I was given the tour of the warehouse where the leather cuts and some finished products are kept. There I was invited to try the styles of my choice and I must say I was impressed by the sturdiness and comfort of these shoes that really fit like a glove.

Unequivocally handmade details make of Pantanetti shoes the perfect complement for any daily adventure.

“Genuine people who love their work. Our strength is in the mind, our art into the hands, knowledge and tradition are our main resources”.  

This is Pantanetti’s credo. Try their shoes and you will know they really mean it.




         Fauzian Jeunesse Italian Shoes        Fauzian Jeunesse Italian Shoes


Fabrizio is the soul of Fauzian Jeunesse. Starting as an apprentice to his father Vittorio, a talented craftsman since 1970, Fabrizio has invested his passion and perseverance in establishing his brand.

He now proudly produces his fanciful line in a small organization in the region of Marche (central Italy), with his very personal touch, inspired by a provoking aesthetic and a sporty vintage style. His office it’s a real beauty: the entire perimeter - shelved to showcase the collection ranging from Texan style boots to versatile high heels - forms the perfect frame to the core of the room - his desk - covered with molds, leather cuts, sketches, tools, notes, etc. You can see the artisan's true color right there and appreciate the soundtrack to his work originating from the workshop just behind a door to the right, where a few skilled craftsmen turn ideas into little masterpieces.

Fabrizio’s narrative of the story of his company and his shoes completes the experience: he is adamant about the direction of his factory, based on high quality of materials and a complex handmade manufacturing process. Uncompromisingly made in Italy.